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  abstract     = {Bangladesh is a developing country with large
population. Demand of electrical energy is increasing day by day
because of increasing population and industrialization. But due to
limited resources, people here are suffering from power crisis
problem which is considered as a major obstacle to the economic
development. In most of the cases, it is extremely difficult to extend
high tension transmission lines to some of the places that are
separated from the mainland. Renewable energy is considered to be
the right choice for providing clean energy to these remote
settlements. This paper proposes a cost effective design of off-grid
wind-diesel hybrid power system using combined heat and power
(CHP) technology in a grid isolated island, Sandwip, Bangladesh.
Design and simulation of the wind-diesel hybrid power system is
performed considering different factors for the island Sandwip.
Detailed economic analysis and comparison with solar PV system
clearly reveals that wind-diesel hybrid power system can be a cost
effective solution for the isolated island like Sandwip.},
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